Joey Banks

Mr. Hershey
English II
February 22, 2009

- Characterization of Rachel Brown
The case of the Cates Monkey Trial forced Rachel Brown to transition from a Narrow-minded, young girl to an Open Minded woman. At first, she is convinced by her upbringing that Bertrum Cates is wrong. She even asks him to lie. She says “Bert, why don’t you tell them it was a joke? Tell’em you didn’t mean to break the law” (7). She also says that he is wrong to break the law, especially as a public servant you should teach what they want. Near the curtain close, Rachel finally allows herself to think about, if not against, what her father had taught her during her upbringing. In turn, this is all Bert really wanted her to do, was to think. She even reads Darwin’s Origin of Species. She states, whilst handing the book back to Bert, “I’ve read it. All the way through. I don’t understand it. What I do understand I don’t like. I don’t want to think men came from apes and monkeys. But that beside the point” (124). This, and her decision to leave her father, shows her new found ability to break away of what her father has taught her and what she thinks herself. The transform she accomplishes during the Cates Monkey Trials is very bold. She goes from forced ignorant to tolerant in the aspects of other’s ideas. This transformation, however, though possibly for the better, was acquired when it came down to the wire: Bert or her Father.