Inherit the Wind is a book based off the Scopes Monkey Trail of 1925. In the book, battle between the old way and the new ways, Bertrum Cates is being tried for teacher Darwins book on evolution, when the law states clearly you can not teach evolution in public classrooms. Two bigshot lawyers, Mathew Harrison Brady is the Prosicuter and Henry Drummond as the Deffence. Mathew Harrison Brady is a three time Presidential nomonie. This godfareing man is welcomed into the the small town of Hillsboro as if he were president. Henry Drumond, a lawyer from Chicago, is famos for getting guilty people off. He is welcomed into the town by a screaming girl proclaiming he's the devil. Throughout the book Drummond is arguing that they have a right to think, whilst Brady, and the town for the most part, believe that the bible is the way to be. Near the end the case is broadcasted on the radio, marking a historic event in US history. The battle of the giants continues on what is to be the biggest court case of the centery.

Like/Dislike - The book itself is very entertaining and suspensful, which made acting it out even more fun. In the book, the number of things i disliked was at a minimum.

Tolarance is the main theme of this book. You can see what happends when one is not tollerant at all, in the case of Revrend Brown. Mathew Harrison Brady also starts to show tolarance near the end.

How should we handle our individual differences?
In the book the entire town is against Cates because he has done something they believe is wrong. They only believe this because they are told to by their upbringing, they don't think about the actual "crime" that has been commited. This gives them an impetus to look bluntly at this opposistion and just label it as wrong. What they should have done was consider the individual right to be different, think different, and act different; rather then showing. They should have shown tolarance.
Does tolerance equal acceptance?
Tolerance is the willingness to accept someone's idea/belief without persecuting them for doing so. Tolerance does equal acceptance.

Can we tolerate someone/something without agreeing with them/it?
Tolerance is the ability to accept something without agreeing with it. I don't tolerate peoples good qualities, but I accept their bad qualities. I don't agree with them in that aspect, but I will accept it, none the the less.

Characterization of Rachel Brown

Reflections - On this assignment I learned if one has the courage to change, then one may do so. No matter the obsticals. I believe I vividly captured the emotions of Mathew Harrison Brady when we acted the play out. I could improve by learning more about the Bible, because it is referenced a lot in the book.