Night_book.jpgNight is a non-fictional story of a man, Elie Wiesel, and his time spent in the concentration camps of WWII. From his early childhood in Siget, and the young age of 15, him and his family are "relocated" to Auschwitz. The memuar goes on to tell of his time spent in working with his father and their struggles, trying to live in a camp full of death.

Likes/dislikes - This book is well written and shocking. The fact that it is non-fiction makes it hard to read at some points. It really opens up your eyes to what evil is really like. 10/10

We this book we can learn about this prosecution and why, as a global community, we should come together to stop such monstrosity.

What are the root causes of persecution?
The root causes of persecution are a prejudice fear or hate of one group, which creates an impetus to belittle them.

What are some current eamples of persecution that take place in today's world?
Today from Cambodia to Sudan, their is persecutions towards those with intellegence to those who just want a better life.

What does Night teach us about what it means to be human?
When most people think of what it is to be "human" they think civilised, but when in comes down to the wire, humans will go as low as low gets to survive.

Persecution Around the World

Night Essay

What did I learn from this unit?
I learned that persecution is horrible, yet it happened, it is happening, and will probably continue to happen.

What do I do well in this unit?
I believe I excelled in participation and overall understanding.

What areas could i improve on?
I can always improve on grammar, editing, and spelling.