of_mice_and_men.jpg Of Mice and Men is the short lived adventure of George and Lennie. Lennie is mentally handy caped and ever since George told his Aunt Clara he would take after him, Lennie has been getting the pair into trouble. They land a job on a ranch with an odd bunch of people all suffering from the pungent sting of loneliness.

Likes/Dislikes - I loved the books plot and characters, but reading in the dialect of the people was a bit head rattling.
What can we learn from reading this book?
From this book, we can learn that people strive for belonging, that isolationism and loneliness can cause some people to do questionable things, and that having a friend can go a long way in helping you keep track of dreams.
Essential Questions-
1. It gives us a goal, a reason to continue living. It is our motivation to get up and go to work.
2. Belonging is part of human nature. This book shows us that loneliness can drive a person crazy, making them do odd things just to be noticed.
3. Friends do one thing for the other without knowing their is a reward in return, other then friendship.
4. Discourage, with all our current social networking technologies and websites, it's very appealing to stay in touch with everybody.

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