huckleberry_finn.jpgThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, is a series of adventures experienced by a young boy by the name of Huckleberry Finn. He goes through life trying to find out who he is, and what everything means around him. He spends time with his best friend Tom Soyer, praying and 'sivilizing' with Mss Watson and Widow Douglas, and then goes about with a escaped slave named Jim. He gets into all kinds of fixes and we see Huck's quick thinking in tight situations.

I liked the book's twisting plots and unpredictable outcomes. I disliked some of the book's use of local dialect. It made it somewhat hard to read.

We can learn about human nature and Twain's view on society, its flaws and hypocracey.

- Society puts presure on us to conform to our surroundings. In the book we see this greatly with Hucks inability to see freeing Jim as a good thing.
- Freedom means to be able to fight prosecution and to own, sell, buy, and trade property without prejeduce.
- I weigh the pro's and con's and whichever seems to make the most sense i follow.
- Huck, with Twain as the puppet master, shows us that as Humans, we have a variety of responses to situations, all playing towards how we were raised and what we have experience before then.

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