Tom Sawyer is one of Hucks best friends. To learn more of his story, here is a little of Tom's background history (Mark Twains previous book) Tom's Life

Journal Entry 1 -
Well I've been around all night with Huck and it ain't all that good. I mean we played a good 'ol trick on Jim but that kid sometimes just don't get it. I mean the trick was good and all, we tied up his hat right 'bove his head and put candles and what (i had to steal them from the Widow for Fifteen cents, which is a drop in the bucket so it wasn't a bad stealing or nothing). Anyway, Huck still my best friends, we smoked a pipe and had a good talk. Hopefully we can start on some of these adventures I've been reading 'bout. Nd' hopefully Huck won't be such a fool.

Journal Entry 2 - Well what'cha know, we starting up the Robbers gang 'night. I'm more then excited, been reading up on it trying to get it right, but some things still need to fall in place, ol' Huck and the boys ain't be as edgeicated as me so lets just hope they know when they wrong and I'm right.

Journal Entry 3 - WELL I'LL BE DAMNED, ok well here's the deal. Ok well we've been down to the hidout tonight and we were setting up the gang and what, and I just bet everybody their had to question the books! Don't they know this is the way it done? I mean in the books I've read it has always worked, and now they want to up and change it? They just need to be edgeicated. I'll be the one to help with that one now will I.

Journal Entry 4 - First big raid on the A-rabs and it was a dousy. I reckon we got bout hundred thousand gold coins. The big deal was the wizards. They kept everybody from seeing the truth. We still did alright though. I must be that good of a leader. Well anyway after we got up our loot we were chased away, but we got the loot and what so all was well. Except when Huck started with his questions again. Can't that boy see nuthing?! No imagination, what so ever. I swear that kid probably day dreams about walkin' stead of flyin'. Well he's still my best friend so spose' I'll put up with him for time being.

Journal Entry 5 - Today's a sad day, tell you what. Huck gone and got murder by some yella bella'd coward who run off't with the goods from his paps house. Spose' it all is well cause he didn't care for his pap much no way. Hell i spect' it was his pap. One of his drunken rages. Huck told me 'bout 'em before me and him had our adventures. Always with the lashes, swear thats how Huck's pap got his kicks, smackin' 'round Huck. And ya know what else? Ms, Watson's slave, Jim, run offt' same night. Culda been him aswell. I 'dout he'd have no reason too though. Tricks we played on 'em don't think he found out about. And if he did, why not come after me? I was leader for longest time, Huck ain't got no magination. Well i 'spose i shouldn't lose sleep over it.